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Posterous, Tumblr, or Wordpress; which blog is right for your business?

You’re a startup company that is trying to gain a following and obtain more customers. You know social media is the cheapest way to go for marketing and promotion. You build a business Facebook page, uploaded a LinkedIn profile, and began tweeting about your companies latest innovations. Now someone asks you, do you have a blog? What? Another tech medium to manage? UGH!

But, what are blogs? They are a webpage, sort of speak, where you can post articles, pictures, videos, anything your heart desires. You are not limited to number of characters used and you can control who comments on your postings. Blogs are great to let people know more about you. Many businesses have taken to using blogs to promote. You don’t want to be a blatant product pusher, but talk about topics relative to your brand. If you are a clothing line, post pictures of your new line, interviews with designers, name the latest summer trends, celebrity worst and best dressed, etc. For technology companies, talk about the latest tech gadgets, what are the best mobile apps for business owners, tips on how to improve your Facebook page.

Ok, you have decided to write a blog for your company. You know what you are going to talk about and already have some great ideas. Now which blog company do you choose? There are so many. Let’s focus on Posterous, Tumblr, and Wordpress.

Posterous  is brand new to the blogosphere. There claim is that they are the most user friendly. You can post directly to your Posterous blog through e-mail. What you would do is e-mail to The subject line of the e-mail will be the title of your post and any text, video, or photos in the body will be the Posterous post. You can link your Posterous accounts with any other website account you have. You have the option, when posting, to send it to all your websites, just a few, or none at all. There is also a mobile version of Posterous so you can blog on the go. Also, you can select a template for your blog that is already set up.

As this site is fairly new, it is tough to say how many people are using it now and how many people will view your posts, but, with the link ability, you stand a good chance if you already have a following. Pros, it takes seconds to set up. Cons, you have no ability for customization.

Tumblr is growing in popularity. This site is frequently used by young adults and teens. If your business focuses on this target demographic, I would say pick this one. To start, you can choose from hundreds of templates or, if your web savvy, create your own. This is great because if you design your own template, you can upload it to the general public and others can download it. This is a great promotional strategy for web designs and product and entertainment based brands. You can still link other websites to your Tumblr page and share photos and videos with ease. You can post from your e-mail account or phone.

Pros, it’s great for product based companies with a younger more social media savvy demographic and easy to post and share. Cons, even though you can build your own template, there are still limitations. It is hard to add pages and can’t add side menus, search button, and social media plugins.

Now to Wordpress. With Wordpress you have two options: and, you can choose from a few templates to get you going, with, you are building from the ground up. The latter version is for developers. You can use even to build websites. With, you have the same capabilities as Tumblr and Posterous, but you have more freedom in the way your blog looks. You can add different pages, side menus, searches, subscription buttons, and much more. The only limit is your creativity. Many small business owners choose this option as well as everyday people.

Pros, wide range of customization and many ages and demographics use Wordpress, easier for your brand to be found. Cons, it can be time intensive. If you want something quick and easy that you can just start posting right away, I would not recommend this one.

Well I hope this article helps in your decision to create a blog for your business. Just keep in mind, who is your target audience, what are you posting, and who will be managing it.

Nielsen Ratings for your Facebook Ads.

Starting this month, Nielsen Ratings Co., which you know as the company that tracks viewership for television shows, will be extending its reach to Facebook. But what does this mean really and how does this effect businesses that use Facebook for marketing purposes?

“The Nielsen relationship will emphasize “gross ratings points” that multiplies the reach of an ad by the frequency that the audience sees it. Using gross ratings points instead of traditional online metrics like click-through rates and impressions will let marketers buy online ads the same way they buy ads for print, TV and online, “ via WSJ and

To simplify, it is another service that you can use to monitor the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaign. Right now, you can use Facebook Insights, but they are just now in the process of incorporating GRP to the rating system. Also, buying add placement online will be made simpler, but buying an ad on Facebook already is simply enough.

They are applying the same logic that they use for television ratings to online ad campaigns. This seems like a move in the right direction. The more audiences literally ‘sees’ your ad, the higher your gross point ratings. This could eventually help business pick which days are the most effective to post your ad as more people are on Facebook Sundays and Monday through Friday from 6p to 8pm. These are the best times to post your ad

I understand why Nielsen has signed on with Facebook; it’s the fastest growing online advertiser out there. Just look to the right when you log in and you will see the effects. If you haven’t done a Facebook ad yet, I recommend you try it. It’s fast, easy, less costly, and you get it directly to your market.

This is all going down on August 15th so check it out. I know I plan to.

"Get Motivated" Conference in Cleveland Motivated Me to Sleep!!

This pass Tuesday, Stellar Media decided to pack our bags and take a trip to Cleveland, Ohio to attend the “Get Motivated” Seminar at the Quicken Loans Arena. It seemed hopeful. Business people from all over Northeast, PA and Ohio were going to be in attendance. A great networking opportunity.

 With business cards and suits in hand, we set off.

We reached our hotel that evening around 6pm. We continued to check in, wash the travel off our backs, slip into our steppin out clothes, and grab some food and well needed relaxation.

We decided to enter The Corner Alley on East 4th Street in Downtown Cleveland. It was close to the hotel, and our first choice, The House of Blues, was booked for a concert. It was horrible! Our waitress served our drinks with a heaping dose of attitude. Eye rolling and teeth sucking before every response. Not only was service bad, we order our food at 8:15pm and did not receive our food until 9:30pm, with have the hot entrees ice cold! (WARNING! Do not attend this restaurant if you value good food, reasonable prices, and friendly service)

The next day, we were up bright an early at 5:45am to get ready for the big conference. We proceeded to check out at 8:00am, load the cars with our bags, and talk the short walk to the arena. “WOW,” is all that entered the mind when we stepped onto the property. Lines for days. The security extra tight due to the high profile speakers such as Goldie Hawn, Bill Cosby, and Colin Powell. Over 2,000 people were in attendance. Every seat was full. We proceed to take the hike to the very top of the center.

I looked around to see if there would be anyone worth talking to at this seminar. It’s for business professionals right? Wrong. Some people showed up with street clothes, sneakers, and house shoes while they spoke in broken English.

The speakers were not what we expected. With the excepted of a few great people, most was trying to sell you their products. The phrase, “Buy now while supplies last!” was uttered a lot.

The speakers were not very motivating. They spoke about taking action, but with nothing in mind, just a general statement. No business advice or firsthand experiences anecdotes were used. If you could manage to stay awake during the event, you were ahead of the game. The day ended up feeling like high school. Someone woman was escorted out for cussing out a person who stole her unassigned seat. Guest bargaining with the food workers for the last drop of coffee. Gossip and note passing ran rampant.

What did I learn from the “Get Motivated” Seminar, don’t rely on others for inspiration, inspire yourself and make moves now.



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